Monday, 30 May 2011

Playing ketchup

As I have so many plant thoughts going on...and I read and surf the web alot...I thought I may as well commit some of those thoughts to writing!  I also have been saving pictures of nice to haves for the I am still landscaping!  I am keeping in mind trying to blend perennial gardening with growing edibles and looking at "shrubbery" for year round interest in color!  I hope all of this fretting is demonstrated in the output!!  :)

What a difference daylight makes!

I still cant get over how fast things grow with so much light here in the UK....although it is slow to grow...bam...your in full of flowers, as well as mowing grass and killing weeds!  I love it!

Basil and Peppers...not

Just time for a basil got did fun...I have such a nice indoor window for them too....I may try again...with a fresh set....but it is taking the fun out of it!  I tried a little soapy water...but the leaves wilted after that.....I tried to squash them off and wash them off...but to no avail....oh well...they are half alive...we shall see what peppers I get!

California Dreaming

I had a I missed the california poppies...I thought about the edge of the gravel driveway....loading it with seed and have it filled with flowers....a thought for next year!!!

Success comes in small steps

Although the garden is a chore, it is a passion and an obsession....I am now slowly moving from plant collecting to landscaping...moving far away from the dry succulent gardens from the west to the English garden....I have decided to document my thoughts on this blog so that my research is not forgotten on these hours of next blog will focus on one plant that I am!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

New Zealand Flax and Nasturtiums

Shabby Chique with the old evergreen

Very pleased with this combination with hostas

Herb garden...near its height of happiness!

Another side to see the up on the hyssop...golde oregano very happy

Rose after a little feeding

Wild geranium

"wild" yellow flowers I left throughout the herb garden

Nasturtiums taking over Sweet Peas...not for long!

Pansies replaced by petunias...

French and runner beans happy with squash....

Mint, carrots, rhubarb, horseradish, perlargonium, and feather grass

More work needed...lavendar,  golden feverfews, bowles mauve ....

Peonies ading...roses taking over..

Just a "bush"..but nice!

Short this year...but transplanted...

Smoke bush gettig bigger! Rudbeckias coming up!

A little more work needed to get the right combination

My beautiful blue weed!

Tons of columbine (aquilegia)

Mexican orange is phenomenal in the garden!

Finally got some heucheras!

Impressed with the roses in shade!

Nigella love in a mist was a nice surprise

Raised garden run rampant!

Squash and hestia runners doing nicely in the yellow pots from the tip!

Cross your fingers for tomatoes!!!

Astilbe, dicentra (white) and acer in the corner....still a bit of work...

Potatoes are happy...hope underneath as well!

Easy care neighbor roses...stunning!


Three colors of ramblers!

A new addition....