Thursday, 28 June 2012

Playing catchup! Microview of the garden :)

This may be overload.....but its a bit like my garden and my style...say overenthusiasm? 

Well, I am playing catchup....and although this post may look like a cable guide with too many channels....

I couldnt resist holding the pictures back for a later enjoy..even if you get an overdose!!

I'll do the macro-garden next time!!

Fantastic Poppy from my neighbor in our old house....the ultimate poppy!

Last autumn's foxglove seed fruited!!

My first year with Sambucus Nigra Black Lace (Elderberry)...Love it!

My gentle happy garden guardian!

lysimachia punctata (loosetrife)--great semi-shady plant!!!

Combinations are working!

Red Hot Poker!
Cerinthe-First time for this annual

Jerusalem Cross Lychnis
Species: chalcedonica

Ornamental Cabbage


The end for today!!

Happy Midsummer!

I am delinquent in posting pics....but I have taken pics that will soon be up!!!  I am very happy that the garden is coming its second year!  I have alot to learn....and am fighting with those shady spaces...but the battle is slowly being won!

Anyway, the therapy is working...and my tomato plants look gorgeous....wish me luck as we only have a few weeks to get some maters!!

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hampton Court Flower Show

Just like always....the time moves so swiftly here in seems to be so different in climates that more stable temperatures throughout the the weather....the frenzy seems to increase as the weather is warmer!  Well, I have been busy...not as much as I would like in the garden...and I have been taking pictures...but will post later. I've stayed in a cottage with friends in the Peak District, walked Seven Sisters in Eastbourne, and gone to the Sculpture museum. Below is a picture from the Sculpture garden....just to liven this blog up a bit!!!

However, I am thrilled after five years of living in the UK to go to the Hampton Court Flower Show close to where I live!  I need to save case I cannot resist buying a few plants!  Ok...although it is a bit rainy...I am going to plod along in my garden for a few hours.

This morning I have been pricking my thyme plants (close to fifty!)....I am going to plant them all over my walkway for a perennial sow year after year!!  I finally got my peas and my tomatoes about to add more soil to my potatoes I have neglected!  I have planted out most of my parsely and chervil and sweet peas...and planted some french tarragon I just received.  I now need to move some of my green veg to the raised bed instead of keep them from going to seed and to continue to grow and thrive.  I also planted my bulls blood brussel sprout plants in larger containers...I have left quite a mess in my path...but I have been busy!!! 

I now need to redo all of my hanging baskets with the petunias calibrachea and lobelia I bought in advance...the job is never done! Oh, and I also bought a couple of palace purple heucherella to complement what I had.  The alchemilla mollis is about to bloom, and the acanthus mollis (tasmanian devil) is fighting but coming sure enough!  I also bought Kerria Japonica (Japanese Roes) for my shady area...thrilled! Ok, enough more do! LOL!

Hampton Court Flower Show!