Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pansy Pictures

So my pansies I bought in September (microsmall) are starting to look good!  They have survived the winter and are taking I have already bought flowers to replace them in the mid-May--June timeframe...although I like the baskets...I want hanging flowers for summer (see previous blog)...the one in the back pooped out...because we have a gap in our pipe and the water pouring own decimated the planter...If I had only removed it earlier...oh well....Now, Mom can look out her window and see the pansies...

Rainy day splurge

So, I ran an errand...and just happened to go by the garden center....and could not resist!  I got the mini plants and thought I could beat the crowds, and start to grow baby plants at home....they sold me alright!  I am planning ahead for my hanging baskets for summer...I hope this will make an interesting, yet traditional color scheme!  I decided not to go for red...although striking against the house....I opted or a bit more subtlety...I do also have some yello bidens from seed that would go nicely with these...gotta get started with more seeds! 

One of my favourite plants...Plectranthus!  My cuttings all died while I was away in Texas taking care of Mom....

The Balcon range (commonly known as 'Balcony' geraniums) are long jointed and can trail up to 1mt.  While the Decora range have the same flower but are more compact for smaller baskets and window boxes.  Both are self-cleaning.


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Plant Crazy!

My seeds are rising...already!!!  Now, let's see if I can maintain my energy to keep them from damping off...and to move them and plant more soon!  Ive got lots to do and have built a schedule to do between holidays and visits...wish me luck!  Pictures coming soon!  I have bulbs coming out all over the lawn..I have no idea what I am in for...cant wait!!

Tomorrow's I have the whole weekend!  I will be going to Kew Gardens with friends on Saturday...yipppeeee!!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Bonkers for Beans!

Beans beans!  I bought some great old half wine barrels and have a trellis that will be perfect for growing these beans (the first two) ...they will be so pretty intertwining!!!

I got some wonderful purple beans that I had last year...

Blauhilde Climbing bean
And some heirloom Selma Zebra

Selma Zebra history

And a bushing runner bean (a very UK bean!)..and its pretty so I plan on having a lot around the place!!! It grows as a compact it should be nice!


I brought a few southern greens with me (according to the rules) 

I will also grow lettuce beet spinach, and swiss chard and kale!  I just noticed that collards will take a lot of we shall see!
Mustard Greens
Collard Greens

Spring Fever!

Well...I got busy last weekend!  I pruned and trimmed a full containers worth, laid out the wooden raised bed I bought,  and planted tons and tons of seeds indoors! I put them upstairs in the spare bedroom along with my chitting potatoes!  I see bulbs coming up the gravel in the grass in the beds...cant wait to see!!!  I have some horseradish from a friend and some climbing onion....excited...I even bought a rhubarb (for two years away!  I cleaned and planted like I just have to watch and wait!  I will take a picture of my pansies that are doing well....I have added a few pansies out front with the bay tree....I think I am bound and determined to use the old trash can and put a new zealand flax (red) in it for the front of the house!  I am keeping minimalist up there!  I need to start removing the trees in the raised beds.....time will creep..and quickly...I also need to build the other mini greenhouse for when it is time to transfer seedlings...and I need to clean out what I have because most of it is dead :( Ok...I am the taskmasker now....I got some beautiful beans for the garden too...and I have decided that I will move the acer tree in a pot against the wall.  I need to get out the trellis to see if I can use it near the kitchen grow something nice up the wall to see....I need to get some alyssum as well....ok...its all out now ...whew!