Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Plant for the Garden!! Hydrangea paniculata Vanilla Fraise

I finally got my hydrangeas....as tiny as they are....but a great price too!!! I decided to help make my garden more less fuss...so the shady raised bed in the corner I am planting these....with the heucheras still in front for yearround color....I have been talked into a viburnum in the back....I'll keep you posted and see how it all turns out after this winter!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Soup from the garden!

I "got real fancy" and utilized my garden herbs for a "duck" soup made from the carcass of a dressingham duck.....I used fresh parsley, oregano, lovage, sorrell, thyme, bay, chives, and shallots and my purple french green beans.. I added carrots, zucchini (courgettes), and mushrooms.I didnt use my tomatoes or the fresh carrots.....too precious! For the little herbs, I put in a little muslin tea bag....so it became a "bouquet garni"...fun fun!

St. Anne's Hill

This bank holiday we have been exploring our part of Surrey...Chertsey.  We have been to the museum, walked around town...and yesterday we went to St. Anne's hill nature walk. I cant believe we have sequoias right in our "own back yard!" :).  And, what views!  Unfortunately, the M25 buzzes by so the hum is there...but the forest is beautiful, lush, and shady...  I think I saw some elderberries there....so I will have to go back!!

St. Anne's hill

Here are some pics..

What a beautiful tree root!

Nice shady path....

Heathrow Airport and Thames from afar

Sequoia in Surrey!

"Driftwood" in a forest...

Artsy Picture....

Elderberry Cordial

 I saw this article and it inspired me...so next time I see the elderberries I am going to have a bag in hand and make some cordial...


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A few pictures from Edinburgh, Scotland

I had a lovely long weekend with my husband in Edinburgh....missed the Botanical gardens this time...but was surrounded by gardens nonetheless...enjoy!

Edinburgh Castle

Princes Street Gardens
Magnificent Trees.....

View from a close

Like Alice in Wonderland...

View from the city!

Scotch Thistle

You can't go to Scotland without....

Gorgeous flower display

Friday, 5 August 2011

Where do you get seed packets?

Hello All,

I am posting this to see if I can get some ideas....I use coin envelopes for now for seeds...

I hope others have suggestions as I am anxious to do some seed swaps this year!!!   I found a couple of faves on the internet (one for economical/environmental simplicity) and the other is to add a little sentimentality...there are many on the internet under google images if you prefer style to efficiency!

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


best seed packet

best label

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