Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Things are getting wooly!

If any of you need raw wool for hanging baskets, birds, snails....I found a great organization with reasonable prices!

I am so thrilled....I got my nice black wool
Email: info@thesheepshedleominster.co.uk 
Website:   http://www.fleecesandpieces.co.uk/

Here's a nice link about wool and snails...


It's funny how little things can be fun! I feel like I'm helping the "local" industry! 
I got bags of beautiful black wool, unwashed, for my black self-watering hanging baskets!  I will then use it for birds for their nests and for snails...(uggh!)


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Spring has sprung! Seeding for success!


I know that it doesnt look like much....but it sure feels like things are moving along!  And, I got the Super Seven in the mail after a delay!  That's for planting seeds this evening...  So, here's what I am growing so far...  Gotta get my broadbeans in soon!  Where am I going to put these!! One more month and hopefully I can pot them on into containers in my minigreenhouses!! 

Gardener's Delight (GD)
Money Maker
Golden Sunrise

Chives (Swedish)
Parsley (flat, Italian)
Spring Onion

Lolla Rossa (red)
Ghiaccioli  (Italian)
Cut and come again


Other Greens
Mustard Greens (Southern USA)
Collard Greens (Southern USA)
Tuscan Black Kale
Red Kale

Hollyhock (alcea rosa)
Tithonia  (1st year!)
Matricaria (German Chamomile)


Lambs  Tail (succulent)


More to come!!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Stupendous Stipa

Stupendous stipa (we called it pony tail:) ....its one of those plant I've had for years....through San Diego to the UK, but I dont talk about it much.  You know one of those things that is such a part of you, that you tend to ignore it, it becomes part of the fabric of your life, but you cannot live without it?  Sometimes that is just like friends and family....like my Stipa!  I just remembered that I did not discover it alone....it came from a dear neighbour, Joan, who gave me a start after I saw it slowly blowing in the wind....a friend that I shared the beautiful views of our canyon in Mira Mesa (in San Diego).
Potty Men---Wisely Gardens
It looks great year round....so soft...I like to run my fingers through its "hair" and collect the seeds each year....but I forget to promote it as much as I should!!  It is so hardy, so forgiving, and so wonderful....and great in pots.  I was reminded of this after I saw the Wisely picture on facebook with the "potty" men....I love those too...just havent mae them yet....and say the stipa!

Anyone that is interested in trying some yourself, let me know, and I am glad to share my slice of heaven! :)

Here's a little more information on them as I've not got scientific on it...yet! Perhaps that's the key to all good relationships...dont think too much! LOL!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Reminiscing ...living in San Diego..Sunny Pics!

I know its a bit much to take in at one time...but I didnt have the patience to save the pictures for multiple blogs...I have been looking for my pics of my little garden in the canyons of San Diego...and I found them!  Although I have loved gardening in the UK and have been here for five years..these pictures did stir my memories and love for succulents!!  I hope you enjoy too!

My little side shady garden...my little garden room :)

My little sitting area..heaven :)
My jasmine

My succulents and brugmansia

A view into the canyon

xeriscaping :)

Glorious Salvias!

Glorious South African Pelargoniums

Ivy leaf perlargoniums (geraniums) on the top deck


Perlargonium cordiflorum

Rose Scented

I love Plectranthus (like Wisely!)...this one however, smells exactly like skunk!

Butterfly weed... Asc. Tuberosa

Morning glory

Wonderful Aeoniums




Sweet Pea

Our Parrot Greenbean!


My wonderful Smokey!

California Poppies!!

The end!

Monday, 11 February 2013

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Selfridge

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Selfridge: Today was to be a day of hunting for an antique wine glass. The venue was set, the credit card prepared, and so we set off for Highcliffe ...

Ok, no more seeds but....splurgerator..propagator!

I couldnt resist!  I havent had a propagator in almost 6 years...and decided to buy one ...where more perfect than the UK is there to have one (ok, Sweden)...I was thinking initially of peppers and helping them germinate...but then I realized that I could save quite a bit of time with plants by using this! Ill still grow somethings on the simple windowsill...but this should kick it up a notch.

I chose a Garland Super 7 for its length, its wattage compared to others...and although it had multiple domes unlike others....
  • Measures 76cm (30) x 18. 
  • Wattage 13 Watt carbon fibre element for even heat distribution.
  •  This unit is not thermostatically controlled and is designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8°C
  I started to like it more for that and how much I could utilize the space! I almost got the one below for a little bit cheaper...and it matched my kitchen accents :) but the wattage was lower, it was smaller, and I just didn't think I could utilize it as well. Multiple lids mean multiple chances to knock  them off :)...however they both seem pretty stury.

 Here is the other one above that I loved in looks!
  •  Stewart 67cm Electric Kitchen Garden Propagator Set - Lime,
  • Contains base tray, clear double vented lid, two premium seed trays, five 8cm pots and
  • a waterproof 12 watt heating mat
  • Measures 67cm long, 16cm Wide, 18cm High.
I debated from reading reviews of multiple tops versus single tops, but just gave up and agreed that you can have multiple ventilations (particularly handy if you get a moisture/fungus issue.

So, seeds watch out!! Now I have to plan my planting on sets of pots/ trays which is the next hurdle, as these will be growing so fast, right? :)

Here are some blogs about it!

Emma's review

Another review

K's garden

Ok, Mother Nature...so I am not very environmentally friendly...but I can grow more stuff!!  Have a good week!