Sunday, 26 September 2010

The front garden

Here's a few pictures of the front of the house...

P.S. notice the neighbors cat!

The front of the house is finally coming together.  Although my style is to go over the top with flowers, I have decided to keep the front low maintenance.

The bay tree:  I always wanted a bay tree...and plantation nursery had a sale (30% off) so I could get a large one for the house.  There is no place for two matching, as some houses I settled for one prominent one. 

The pots: The great regal pot was left by the previous owner!  I used the pots from the other house, removed the ivy and pelargoniums, and replaced it with orange pansies and little lemon scented cypress. When the pansies bloom it should be outrageous with color! So far noone has tried to knock them down!Cupressus macrocarpa (Wilma) - Monterey Cypress... So, we shall see how it goes!  They were cheap, their outrageous yellow color is appealing.  I would never plant them in the soil...only in pots! 

Blue Agave: And, an act of indulgence...I got a nice blue agave for the looks great...although it maygrow out of its pot very quickly...I removed the babies and plante them in pots as well.  It should do fine here...and I can always cover it slightly if we will encounter a cold winter.

I have the neighbors big rose bush to share and enjoy...we will probably leave the gravel (and get more)...this is a southernly although I am tempted for wisteria and roses...I can enjoy my neighbors and make my mess in the back!!!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Patio Set

Well...beyond plants...let's get into architecture! We have a wooden table set in the back garden, but nothing for the front (back) garden near the we are looking at this set....low maintenance and long lasting! However, I found one on gumtree at more than half price and not too far away...we shall see if its available!

Well, patience pays out!  I found a deal at homebase online...for more than half price of other bistro sets...and delivery was cheap too...and in less than 3 days for delivery!  And, we know the prices are higher in the spring and I believe it is a good that is the end of that saga...more pics when we get them in the spot we want them!

Although I prefer the ones up top..they were not available and the price was higher...the ones below are more traditional...but either way they will beat wood!!! 

All work and no play was hard work...but it paid off....

Snails...I removed literally 100's , yes 100's of snails out of the garden...I have become quite violent with them.....but these lately I just put in a can on top of the other....  I removed some form of blue bugloss (borage)...and realized on the Internet for every part of the tuberous root I don't pull will return!

I also pulled up all sorts of south african crocosmia (but it doesn't look like the above)...must need more water...I brought some of mine that is yellow for planting...the garden has lots and lots (but only one bloom ) of orange (probably lucifer)

We also did alot more!
  • moved the red Cordy line from the shaded raised bed to the fence....looks good (twice as tall!)!

  • killed a tree...emptying out the partially shaded bed to start afresh...killing a California lilac bush that has become a tree!
  • may be planting American Heucheras like this in the shady spot instead....full of riotous color

We shall see.....I have been digging up some other bulbs (oops) so I am not sure what may be coming up this spring!  I have at least 4 week rose bushes...I am hoping to get them blooming again!

Hard work will pay off, right?


I am sure I am not the first gardener that feels overwhelmed with a gardening project...especially when you are not starting from scratch! Trying to fit in new plants with old plants, deciduous and non-deciduous, perennial flowers and bushes...sun and shade...uggghhh!  Rome wasnt built in a day, right?  I guess I could toss everything out and start over...but my tendencies toward flowers and a bare winter garden prohibit me from doing so!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Next Steps

So,  here the journey begins....the long haul was 2 miles away...digging up my plants from the rental house and carrying them over to the new a smart car!  With the 7 hanging planters, I have gotten scientific....
  • got real moss from the bungalow
  • inserted the wicks for soaking up water (part of the pot)
  • got gel for absorbing water and mixed it in
  • used compost that was left in the old composter
  • mixed in slow release fertilizer 
  • bought RHS pansies (micro miny when your receive them) for the winter
  • planted the pansies....
    • I bought an RHS pansy collection insted of a color collection...
      • This exclusive mixture comprises 11 varieties that have been singled out by the RHS for their superb garden performance. Fill your garden with summer colours, even in the depths of winter. These pansies are so versatile you can plant them just about anywhere; in pots, baskets, beds and flower pouches™ to create a myriad of colour from this long-lived perennial. Height and spread: 23cm (9”). 
    • for the front, I have bought....Viola Angel Amber Kiss (bright orange flowers for the front of the house for the fall!
    • now...I am trying to decide if I will put ivy in them or leave them with hanging pansies....
  • Today, I am going to put my mini greenhouses together and plant the rest of the pansies...

Before and MidTerm :)

Here is the beginning!  A few steps forward......


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The herb garden...

Finally....I've moved all of my herbs and created my herb garden in the front ring...where a large tree used to be....It seems to get a decent amount of sun...I've planted the following:
  • tricolor sage (3)
  • yellow thyme
  • regular thyme
  • yellow marjoram
  • oregano with white flowers
  • oregano with pink flowers
  • parsley (from the grocery)
  • Purple kale
  • chives
  • curry plant
  • coreopsis (2)
  • anise hyssop
  • beet spinach
  • Lovage celery like plant
  • swiss chard
  • lavender (one english, one spanish stoechas)
I had tarragon, but I realized it just didnt smell like it or taste like I will find another! I want to grow borage also....and I want a bay tree! I was lucky to find a start of my old purple sage I hope it will grow as it has a great flower! I cut back the lavender so I have lots of buds to put in the house and smell good!  I also found a place near the old house where I can get some old horse manure if the two compost bins dont have enough richness for the soil.  The soil is very dark and has lots of worms...which is a good sign! Also, there are lots of ladybirds (ladybugs too)...unfortunately there are a lot of snails and slugs I am always on the lookout! get the plants from the other place (at least 15...some quite large) what to do, what to do??? It will all come together....

Sunday, 1 August 2010 I am hyper..planning ahead I have alot of energy tonite...I have created a document using pics from the internet..

  1. What's in the garden
  2. What I am moving from my old garden
  3. What I am interested in ....
For instance...we have two lovely old apple trees that have been butchered into reproducing (hopefully next year).. I just happened to look into an old trash can and beneath the compost lurked a wretched smell of rotten apples...I was thrilled to death! I only hope they come again...and that they are tasty off the tree!

Well, where this is going...I am looking for a nice clematis to climb the add some this is fun! is time to go back to the old tomorrow! Good nite!

aqualock hangers

I just bought aqualocks for the 8 hangers around the house (that should keep me busy!) The only thing is I have to fill them with moss first....and think of what I want in them! Ivy is looking promising for winter...and pansies...easy peasy!

Is this the right garden?

I always told myself that I would not pick a house with a garden I didnt like....well, I liked this garden..but my compass was warning me...a great northern in the UK??? Are you sure? Well, thank goodness the garden is extremely long and is northeast appears to get good sun and I have lots of places to stick stuff! And, it is low maintenance...relatively speaking...

We have a neighbors tree I cant trim because it is protected, and I have a lawn that has been saturated with weed and feed to bring back to life from the attack of the dandelions...but I have a few raised beds...and the whole lawn is raised from the large paved that should keep it simple...

And the neighbors have all sorts of lovely stuff coming over from their sides (roses, etc) it is good to have green thumbs nearby!

The beginning

Well...I am sitting here...half moved into the new place...and my mind is wandering to the new garden! It has been a glorious summer in Surrey...and we have a month left of the summer and we still have to move the big stuff in! In the middle of this, I have a great garden full of stuff...and alot of stuff to move into it too!

It is much easier to start with an empty plot...well, sort of. I need to decide what I will remove and where I will put my stuff! Many of my flowers are in full bloom, like my lavender and my rudbeckia I planted last year. So, this is my blog for planning, experimenting, and sharing...I hope you will enjoy!