Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cardoons and broke the bulb rule..after Keukenhof!

So....I couldnt resist...I got some...stuff :)  I broke the rules on bulbs and bought some now rather than in autumn! But while at Keukenhof, who could resist?

I purchased a bare root cardoon.....Love the headline on the daily mail

" Inject a bit of personality into your garden"

Link to daily mail

If Monte likes it, so do I  (ROFL)

I also got some turkish species tulips (as it is mentioned they are much more prolific and last longer)

And, I also got some pink large hyacinths to balance out the few I had in the garden...

I also got some crosmia lucifer, as  I love my yellow crocosmia and I have the tall red ones have been on my list for awhile!

Ok, so I went a little overboard...and I got some seeds and didnt know what they were...now I found out they are Queen's Anne's Lace! (See below more information on the appropriate company----Seedaholic!!

Seedaholic info

Goodnight....a planting I must go tomorrow!

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