Monday, 7 February 2011

Spring Fever!

Well...I got busy last weekend!  I pruned and trimmed a full containers worth, laid out the wooden raised bed I bought,  and planted tons and tons of seeds indoors! I put them upstairs in the spare bedroom along with my chitting potatoes!  I see bulbs coming up the gravel in the grass in the beds...cant wait to see!!!  I have some horseradish from a friend and some climbing onion....excited...I even bought a rhubarb (for two years away!  I cleaned and planted like I just have to watch and wait!  I will take a picture of my pansies that are doing well....I have added a few pansies out front with the bay tree....I think I am bound and determined to use the old trash can and put a new zealand flax (red) in it for the front of the house!  I am keeping minimalist up there!  I need to start removing the trees in the raised beds.....time will creep..and quickly...I also need to build the other mini greenhouse for when it is time to transfer seedlings...and I need to clean out what I have because most of it is dead :( Ok...I am the taskmasker now....I got some beautiful beans for the garden too...and I have decided that I will move the acer tree in a pot against the wall.  I need to get out the trellis to see if I can use it near the kitchen grow something nice up the wall to see....I need to get some alyssum as well....ok...its all out now ...whew!

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