Sunday, 27 February 2011

Rainy day splurge

So, I ran an errand...and just happened to go by the garden center....and could not resist!  I got the mini plants and thought I could beat the crowds, and start to grow baby plants at home....they sold me alright!  I am planning ahead for my hanging baskets for summer...I hope this will make an interesting, yet traditional color scheme!  I decided not to go for red...although striking against the house....I opted or a bit more subtlety...I do also have some yello bidens from seed that would go nicely with these...gotta get started with more seeds! 

One of my favourite plants...Plectranthus!  My cuttings all died while I was away in Texas taking care of Mom....

The Balcon range (commonly known as 'Balcony' geraniums) are long jointed and can trail up to 1mt.  While the Decora range have the same flower but are more compact for smaller baskets and window boxes.  Both are self-cleaning.


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