Monday, 7 March 2011

Diary- Seed Planting

I realized that if I dont start documenting what I have planted in seeds quick, it will start to go crazy and I will lose track (like I do in many years)...from planting to seed, then transplanting, to moving to the garden...things can get confusing!! So, here is a list of what I planted when...(even the mystery plants) and what is remaining.

  • Greenhouse:  I am using window sill plastic seed starters in the upstairs bedroom, right above the radiators and below large windows for light (northeast facing).  This has worked wonderfully for seed starting!
  • Labels: I have used a label maker this time to label the seeds on the outside package (sometimes identifying the number of cells..)
  • Mats: I bought some capillary mats and placed under the seedlings like this mats dont know if it helps to keep retain moisture
  • Soil:  I bought seed starter mix this year, rather than trying to use compost.
  • Seeds:  I separated my seeds for February/March/April and then had a few seed bags of stuff Ive collected with no name!!! So, I planted them too!
  • Cut back some of the garden
  • bought raised beds for greens with liners and one with cover
  • moved wine barrels to the back
  • watching daffodils come up!
  • rotating pansies so they are in full flower!

  • got potatoes for chitting
  • shallots 
  • rhubarb

(Beginning of February:) 
  1. Mustard Greens (broadleaf)
  2. Collard Greens (Georgia Southern)
  3. Swiss Chard (Rhubard Red)
  4. Tomatoes
    •  Alisa Craig
    •  Gardener's Delight
    •  Golden Sunrise
    • Super Marmelade
  5. Marigolds
  6. Nicotania Fragrant Cloud (white/cream flowering tobacco)
  7. Carrots- Early Nantes (in their own container)
  8. Dill
  9. Nasturtium
    •  Summer Carousel
    •  Salmon Baby
    • Moonlight (climbing)
  10. Matricaria
  11. Lychnis (unlabeled)
  12. gilia
  13. Sweet Pea (Perfume Duet (grandiflora))
  14. Sweet Pea (Heirloom mixed)  later in toilet rolls

Early March 

  • replanted nasturtium in some larger peat pots to make room for more seedlings
beginning of March:
  1.  Spring Onion
  2. Chinese Chives
  3. Spinach (beet)
  4. Basil (minette)
  5. Lovage
  6. Spinach (oriental Mikado)
  7. Sorrel
  8. Kale (scarlet)
  9. Kale (black tuscany)
  10. Forget me not (Blue ball)
  11. Gaillardia (summer fire)
  12. Alyssum
  13. Amaranthus (red love lies bleeding)
  14. Bidens (golden eye) 

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