Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring has begun...

Proofs in the Pansies!
 So, after seeing another blog showing the beginnings of spring...I thought it would be nice to also document the first spring in our new home....

Planning paid off!

Bleeding Heart has arrived!

Herb garden looking shabby, but beginning to resurface!

Wine barrel and pyramid for runner beans and french beans!

Beautiful Sedum with red stems

Roses coming to life!

Polenium (white) just planted!!

Dead :( cordyline....guess just too cold this year...

New surprises....grape hyacinths peeking...

Daffodils in the garden!

My first Peony (came with the house!) & Eryngium

Not much to look at...but my beautiul rudbeckias...(black-eyed susans)

Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum' stunning!

All kinds of surprise bulbs under the apple tree!

Another Rudbeckia (super tall)

Side bed yet to plant in....surprise bulbs!!

Another corner in the works...

Hostas coming up!! (cats stay out!)

First seedlings getting adjusted to cold weather!!!


  1. Really like our wooden barrel and cane pyramd, since i lost my allotment in fire I am always looking for ways to utilize my small garden space, so this is really inspiring. Also love your last image. Did you make the cold frame yourself?

  2. Sorry for the late response...Thank you...I have updated pictures with how it looks now... The coldframe I got half price from a garden center...(I think squires). The metal pyramid I believe I got from Harrods...

    I also bought raised beds (see pics) to grow greens, etc...and some great bags (recommended for beans) for tomatoes that are working so good!...take a look a the latest post....I am very excited at the results...waiting for the main crops!!

  3. Thanks Motormouth.
    I guess its better late than never :)

    Just checked out your progress too. Its all growing really well.