Wednesday, 20 April 2011

April Flowers......bring more May flowers :)

Pansies in Full Bloom!

Corner planter (DIY in work) with Acer Japanese Maple...

I have no idea......looks almost like a tomato.....

Blue bells....

Mexican Orange Blossom | Choisya ternata hedging

Choisya ternata is a hardy, aromatic shrub with dense, swift growth. By itself, it naturally forms an attractive mound and it will happily grow into a decent hedge. The white flowers begin to emerge in mid-Spring and their honeyed orange aroma is a real joy. The evergreen leaves are bright and glossy - they also give off a pleasant, basil like smell when you clip them. Used as a hedge, Choisya ternata's fragrance will infuse a small garden and it is ideal to plant around a seated area. They are resistant to most British plant diseases and pests, including Honey Fungus. They can handle a bit of shade, as long as the soil is rich and well drained.
Once Mexican Orange Blossoms are settled in and flowering away, they can be coaxed into blooming again towards the end of the Summer. Deadhead flowers as soon as they drop their petals and select a third to a half of the flowering stems to cut back. Trim them by approximately 25cms/11 inches once the flowers have faded. Your local bees (the Blue Orchard bee in particular) will thank you for increasing the amount of autumn flowers. This is all the pruning care your plants need, unless they have been damaged by harsh frosts. In this unlikely event, you can prune them as hard as you like to get rid of damaged branches - do this anytime in Spring. A light trim to keep your Choisya ternata hedge in shape can be carried out at the end of June.

My raised bed for veg......good ole mustard greens and collards!!!

There's life in them there bags...I promise!  (taters)

My wild bed around the apple tree....all sorts of bulbs!!

Another pretty daffodil

POLEMONIUM coeruleum Alba

(Jacobs Ladder)...fantastic flower...

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