Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lazy fingers!

Too lazy to busy planting and growing....more pics later!  I got some more compost as I am almost out....water butts are almost empty as we have had nothing but sunshine and it has been so beautiful!!!  The trees are all blooming all over....bluebells in season....just fantastic! I am watering like crazy!!  Ok....uploading the pictures was a chore enough...last weekend I:

  • planted the runner beans and green beans and squash
  • planted my seedlings (like gaillardia, etc) in beds
  • planted seeds (beet, radish, dill)
  • Lars put up my trellis for sweet pea that we can see from the kitchen window...
  • protected more plants from slugs
  • planted some more kale and chard in herb garden
  • now have more parsley and some burnett planted in herb garden
  • organized more pots....fertilized plants...
  • planted pepper plants in window...nurturing lemon basil along with globe basil too!
  • planted some seeds for purple
  • just piddling!!!
Anxious to see burnet in bloom!!  

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