Friday, 5 August 2011

Where do you get seed packets?

Hello All,

I am posting this to see if I can get some ideas....I use coin envelopes for now for seeds...

I hope others have suggestions as I am anxious to do some seed swaps this year!!!   I found a couple of faves on the internet (one for economical/environmental simplicity) and the other is to add a little sentimentality...there are many on the internet under google images if you prefer style to efficiency!

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


best seed packet

best label

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  1. I have many printable labels on my site for seed packets. You can print them and attach them to little zip lock bags or to homemade envelopes.

  2. We use the recycled bank envelopes with the little plastic windows, so you can still see what is inside, handy when the pencil label gets smudged off :)

  3. @Loch Ness....GREAT IDEA and recyle as well!