Sunday, 18 September 2011

Seeing Red! My tomatoes!

Well.....I nurtured these tomatoes since the early part of the year....and this year it paid off!  I had to remove as many as possible because of a late they are producing a bit more and they are ok...the plants fared well in blue from haxnicks....but I used canes and they are toppling I am looking at their trailing version with frame...and use the blue ones this year for more beans!! 
 Now I've got to see what to do with them today!  You can only eat some many raw, so many salsas, and so many bacon and tomato sandwiches :).  Ok...time to do some gutter cleaning..yuck!


  1. Just discovered your bloglet via Blotanicals. Like you, and a lot of others, too many toms & what to do with them...I feel your pain HAHA!! :0)

  2. All gone now :( Made a big shrimp creole...gave some away...and then froze a few....and now its autumn!!! I am drained from gardening at the moment....but will try to get some momentum to tidy up!!!