Sunday, 13 November 2011

Better Late than Never---Glen Ample Raspberries

Today I planted some raspberries with my Swedish inlaws....I am so glad my husband talked me into it!  We found every space of fence we could find....why not?  I am starting to think I should grow as much edible stuff as possible....I've got a Brigitta blue blueberry that needs a mate, and a josta berry from a friend, and need to get new strawberries for next year...and two old apple trees I hope will produce!

As for winter greens, I have not been as good and been a little lazy in sowing...I've got my kale still struggling, and some ornamental cabbage and swiss chard as well.  My beets are still there, but they have been neglected. My Tipperary Early rhubarb has died back...

Ok...the good weather of today has inspired me!!  Its not all about cleaning gutters and raking leaves in the autumn! :)

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