Thursday, 26 January 2012

Getting inspired!!!!!!! New Plants!

I have thought about these plants last year....and now I've done it.

First last fall I bought alchemilla mollis "Lady's Mantle".....a hardy staple...old for some but new for me!!  And, great for shade!!!

I also bought some raspberries Glen Ample and put them everywhere along fences....

I then ordered TROPAEOLUM a good vine on the side of my bloom late summer when my clematis is not in bloom.  This is the year for my clematis and for the apple trees!  Fingers crossed!

I received these in an unusual package and just two "bean sprouts".....dont know what I will do with them until the winter!!

Then, I got a great deal from I bought

Acanthus Mollis (Tasmanian Angel)---to bloom near the Lady's Mantle (different times)...hope the colors blend!!! 

Geranium_sylvaticum Album ---to bloom in my shade garden area :)

Anemone Honorine Jobert to bloom after my pink roses in the shade have bloomed...
Ok...more later...starting to get inspired!

My foxglove are looking still alive....will be planted along the fence near the verbena hopefully will be timed well!


  1. A lovely selection of new plants, watch out for Alchemilla, she can be a bit keen and try to cover your whole garden.
    Best of luck with the beautiful Tropaeolum :)

  2. Many thanks for the comments...especially after my absence! I havent got into primulas or hellebores, heathers, or euphorbias (except in california)...I guess that's a must sometime... I am still slowly collecting my dear old pelargoniums and salvias...cant let them go...even in this cold but relatively mild weather! Would be interested in your suggestions for shade.....for the Tropaeolum...should I keep it indoors in a pot until say May? I just have "bean sprouts in a bag" for now...hopefully warmer surrey will give me some luck...