Sunday, 4 March 2012

For the Birds

Ok...I'm a little behind on updating my blog.....but my seeds are coming up...and I succumbed to an old desire.  I have always wanted a bird bath!  Maybe their old-fashioned....but I have always wanted one!  I have this great circular "herb" garden which once held a this is a stump--on which my bird bath will fit!  I chose the highest bird bath, which also happens to be the deepest as my birdies would have the least interference from the carnivores lurking around my garden.....

Needless to say, I hope they use it!  If not, it will become a bird food platter....  It is a great architectural piece for the garden...and less ornate that most....I am very excited!  I will need to get advice on how to secure it, so any ideas are welcome (from top and bottom!) I will put more pics out where I have placed it once the herb garden rejuvenates itself!

Now, my next project is to finalize my "rock" garden under the cedar tree....lay it with weedproof fabric, then stones, then slowly plant little succulents and alpines in the spaces! Fun Fun!

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