Sunday, 18 March 2012

Work the weekend!

 I finally got caught up with some outdoor chores....but its just the beginning....than goodness there was more sun than the forecast!  
  1. planted chitted potatoes
  2. emptied old soil in strawberry pot, refilled, (enhanced with chicken manure pellets) and added strawberries I bought along a road down near the coast this for charity.
  3. planted broad beans for the first time!
  4. repotted blueberry  with ericacious compost
  5. convinced my friend to take my leftover raspberry canes now that she has found a new house and soon to close!
  6. Planted the geranium alba I bought
  7. Planted foxglove alba (tall!) along the fence
  8. planted some dill and red lettuce
  9. repotted nasturtium seedlings
  10. moved little peony to a better location in the bed (hope it blooms!)
  11. cleaned and watered pansy pots
  12. cut back and trimmed plants
  13. planted my bronze fennel in the herb garden
  14. Sowed some Early Nante carrot seeds in two pots
  15. Pulled up my last remaining sweet fennel and ate it!
  16. Pulled up some kale and cooked it with mushrooms onions and a little chicken broth...
  17. Got a package to mail of seeds in reciprocation of a trade..
  18. Enjoyed watching my clematis slowly growing for the first year of bllom, and looking at an ancient one I have nurtured up a trellis that is soon to bloom!
  19. Oh, and I planted california poppies all along the gravel next to my house and driveway :) poppy growing in gravel..
 Ok....although I have so much more to do (including cleaning the garage (yuck!)...just putting it down on paper makes me feel good!
Great article on bronze fennel
First active weekend in the garden!

Herb garden springing in to life!

Never enough daffs in the world

Neighbor-pollarded lime trees= more sun for plants!

Gotta love grape hyacinths!

My garden man....

My sambucus nigra's first season in the garden...

Love this peony that came with the garden...a bloom already on top!!

My ornamental cabbage....

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  1. That's good of your neighbour to pollard their trees. Sounds like you've been very busy in the garden.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm intrigued.