Friday, 20 April 2012

Nice Spring Surprise!

 This spring, I noticed a vine coming near a trellis...I suppose it was there when I moved there but has taken a year to recover... Perhaps I removed it thinking it was a weed. I had planted a the climbing hydrangea underneath, which takes a while to mature.....Anyway...I am thrilled to see this gorgeous clematis on the trellis!!! I did see it coming last autum and helped it through the trellis again...I am thrilled!My white bleeding heart is also quite happy...and the astilbes are getting ready too....I have some golden spirea behind....we will see if they get enough sun or do well with the other plants!
More piccies later! Nice and cold and wet outside....and we are hearing May will be the same!  Good time for gardening!  :)


  1. The clematis is really pretty as is the bleeding heart. Maybe you should move the climbing hydrangea this Fall?? I have a climbing hydrangea and although it was slow to grow, over the years it has happily filled about 2 meters wide. On the other hand maybe the hydrangea and clematis will compliment each other? But I'm thinking the clematis will affect the benefits of your hydrangea?

    1. I think you are right....if I am not mistaken they bloom around the same time... I have another corner I can move the hydrangea...before it gets too big and I can still keep the clematis intact! Maybe you can help me sort the rest too! lol! My kind heart or weak spirit has a hard time to "hard"scape...i am better at collecting plants! I am also tempted to get some golden hops soon too....but I cant buy everything in one year and spoil the fun for coming years...gardens not that big!!!