Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rainy day ramblings! Tithonia for a bit of sunshine

Finally we get some sun....on Sunday evening!  However, all was not in vain!  I did accomplish alot this weekend, albeit slow!  I graveled my area around my raised bed that only grew weeds (and will keep slugs away!) I also cleaned the garage, so you can walk through it (imagine that!) and I can use the nice bench to piddle with my seedlings and grow on my plants instead of all through the house windowsills!  I did, however, as it was a rainy weekend, look through some more seeds...after pulling up weeds in my pathways, I decided I would try creeping thyme in their place...I also have been dying to try to grow an old favourite...Tithonia!  I hope it grows well here!

I dont really know where I will grow it, although I have space..

I have a wonderful link I found with more information how to grow tithonia.

Enjoy, and think of the sun....I'm running out to see the few rays this weekend!!

BTW.....I think this will not be a tomato year...for those of us without greenhouses....I'm not giving up, however!



  1. Glad to know you still managed to do loads over the weekend despite the washout. And yes we managed to do some gardening too when the sun came out on Sunday evening :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. You were asking about Maris Peer and earthing up. I do think they produce more when earthed up. I also earth up to protect from frost so I tend to earth up regularly until 1st June. I'm an American living in Northern Ireland for over 15 years. Looking forward to reading about your garden. All the best, Kelli

  3. Tithonia not doing so well...may start some more from seed....dont know if they are really made for this climate...we shall see :)