Sunday, 8 July 2012

Compost Tea

What's better on a rainy day than to dream of compost tea?  LOL.  Well, I just pulled out some pooped out anchusa...and decided to double-check as it seems so close to borage that I have read is good for tea.....  I was not far off!

Anchusa Mint Borage Verbena family!

I also found a link confirming using anchusa for compost tea!  The only thing is, I didnt make it for a week, I have made it for a year!  I also added to the concoction  I also scooped out a bunch of the liquid in a bucket (smells nice!-not!) and added a bit to a bucket of water for my beans and tomatoes....mmmm lovely!  It should be great!  These little bees/flies seem to love it too....I used an old steel trash can...hope it doesnt burn a hole it it!!!  We shall see! my compost has not gone so well....its good to know I can cook something else in the garden!  Happy Sunday! 

How to make Compost Tea

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