Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The herb garden...

Finally....I've moved all of my herbs and created my herb garden in the front ring...where a large tree used to be....It seems to get a decent amount of sun...I've planted the following:
  • tricolor sage (3)
  • yellow thyme
  • regular thyme
  • yellow marjoram
  • oregano with white flowers
  • oregano with pink flowers
  • parsley (from the grocery)
  • Purple kale
  • chives
  • curry plant
  • coreopsis (2)
  • anise hyssop
  • beet spinach
  • Lovage celery like plant
  • swiss chard
  • lavender (one english, one spanish stoechas)
I had tarragon, but I realized it just didnt smell like it or taste like I will find another! I want to grow borage also....and I want a bay tree! I was lucky to find a start of my old purple sage I hope it will grow as it has a great flower! I cut back the lavender so I have lots of buds to put in the house and smell good!  I also found a place near the old house where I can get some old horse manure if the two compost bins dont have enough richness for the soil.  The soil is very dark and has lots of worms...which is a good sign! Also, there are lots of ladybirds (ladybugs too)...unfortunately there are a lot of snails and slugs I am always on the lookout! get the plants from the other place (at least 15...some quite large) what to do, what to do??? It will all come together....

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