Monday, 6 September 2010

All work and no play was hard work...but it paid off....

Snails...I removed literally 100's , yes 100's of snails out of the garden...I have become quite violent with them.....but these lately I just put in a can on top of the other....  I removed some form of blue bugloss (borage)...and realized on the Internet for every part of the tuberous root I don't pull will return!

I also pulled up all sorts of south african crocosmia (but it doesn't look like the above)...must need more water...I brought some of mine that is yellow for planting...the garden has lots and lots (but only one bloom ) of orange (probably lucifer)

We also did alot more!
  • moved the red Cordy line from the shaded raised bed to the fence....looks good (twice as tall!)!

  • killed a tree...emptying out the partially shaded bed to start afresh...killing a California lilac bush that has become a tree!
  • may be planting American Heucheras like this in the shady spot instead....full of riotous color

We shall see.....I have been digging up some other bulbs (oops) so I am not sure what may be coming up this spring!  I have at least 4 week rose bushes...I am hoping to get them blooming again!

Hard work will pay off, right?

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