Saturday, 4 September 2010

Next Steps

So,  here the journey begins....the long haul was 2 miles away...digging up my plants from the rental house and carrying them over to the new a smart car!  With the 7 hanging planters, I have gotten scientific....
  • got real moss from the bungalow
  • inserted the wicks for soaking up water (part of the pot)
  • got gel for absorbing water and mixed it in
  • used compost that was left in the old composter
  • mixed in slow release fertilizer 
  • bought RHS pansies (micro miny when your receive them) for the winter
  • planted the pansies....
    • I bought an RHS pansy collection insted of a color collection...
      • This exclusive mixture comprises 11 varieties that have been singled out by the RHS for their superb garden performance. Fill your garden with summer colours, even in the depths of winter. These pansies are so versatile you can plant them just about anywhere; in pots, baskets, beds and flower pouches™ to create a myriad of colour from this long-lived perennial. Height and spread: 23cm (9”). 
    • for the front, I have bought....Viola Angel Amber Kiss (bright orange flowers for the front of the house for the fall!
    • now...I am trying to decide if I will put ivy in them or leave them with hanging pansies....
  • Today, I am going to put my mini greenhouses together and plant the rest of the pansies...

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