Sunday, 26 September 2010

The front garden

Here's a few pictures of the front of the house...

P.S. notice the neighbors cat!

The front of the house is finally coming together.  Although my style is to go over the top with flowers, I have decided to keep the front low maintenance.

The bay tree:  I always wanted a bay tree...and plantation nursery had a sale (30% off) so I could get a large one for the house.  There is no place for two matching, as some houses I settled for one prominent one. 

The pots: The great regal pot was left by the previous owner!  I used the pots from the other house, removed the ivy and pelargoniums, and replaced it with orange pansies and little lemon scented cypress. When the pansies bloom it should be outrageous with color! So far noone has tried to knock them down!Cupressus macrocarpa (Wilma) - Monterey Cypress... So, we shall see how it goes!  They were cheap, their outrageous yellow color is appealing.  I would never plant them in the soil...only in pots! 

Blue Agave: And, an act of indulgence...I got a nice blue agave for the looks great...although it maygrow out of its pot very quickly...I removed the babies and plante them in pots as well.  It should do fine here...and I can always cover it slightly if we will encounter a cold winter.

I have the neighbors big rose bush to share and enjoy...we will probably leave the gravel (and get more)...this is a southernly although I am tempted for wisteria and roses...I can enjoy my neighbors and make my mess in the back!!!

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