Sunday, 16 January 2011

Winter weather.....pansies peeking!

After a long journey of traveling to the states for work, going to Mexico on emergency to see Mom, then to Texas for two months....I am pooped!  Needless to say, the daffodils didnt get planted in November as I had I planted them today and did some raking.  I didnt spend much time planning, and not sure what I will do with them after they bloom, as I plan on planting other stuff...we shall see...anyway, here's what I planted so I will remember!  I've got shoots from all sorts of bulbs in the soil coming up...that will be a surprise too!

The pansies I planted are looking greatin the hanging pots..the only blooms....except for the one that drowned from a piece of pipe missing from the roof!  I will take a picture soon...  I will be planting a few pansies with my bay tree outside too...  Most of the other plants in pots do not seem to have survived the cold weather, including the fuschia...we shall see..

Oh, and the lemon cypress plants I put in the front of the house....someone decided to pluck it from the pot I suppose as a holiday joke or as a Christmas tree...pot was fine...go figure!

  • Pots

Narcissus Ice Follies
Narcissus Geranium
  • back right corner raised bed
Narcissus White Lion
    Narcissus Professor Einstein

  • left corner raised bed
Narcissus Birma

  • middle bed
Narcissus Golden Harvest

Narcissus Dick Wilden

Narcissus Tahiti

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