Friday, 8 March 2013

Saints and Seeders.....

As I am no saint, I must be a seeder.  In fact, one of my seed packages comes from seedaholic!  Ok, I had my next bolt of energy and I planted the following in the new Super Seven heated bed (see previous article)
Near the Summerhouse in Sweden

  • more Swedish chives
  • Tithonia from Seedaholic
  • Wild Rocket from Franchi
  • More Candulas (only one came up from last batch?)
  • Purpler Basile (Franchi)
  • Purple Cow Parsley
  • Lettuce Leaf Basil (pelleted unwins gro-sure)
  • Dill
I never have luck with Dill!  I cant give up...because I love dill potatoes, Swedish style!  You noticed there are 8? I accidentally combined the basil!!  So I will have green and purple coming up....good thing the tubs are large!

Now, the more painful part...starting to pot on....determining what needs to go in little pots and what goes outside!  This weekend I will get my raised beds ready, and cover them and put out some of the more hardy seedlings (kale, etc) underneath them...if they die, I shall learn!!! Some I will put in the mini-green houses...this is where I have to keep my labeling and relabelling in check before it becomes a big mess! I did get some tidy potting on containers half price so we shall see if it keeps me organized!!!

Ok, time to put the plants to bed and sleep!  Sweet dreams to the wicked....sowing the seeds of success! LOL!

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