Sunday, 3 March 2013

Things are getting woolly! Part 2

It doesn't look like much...perhaps a bit peculiar, but this is what the dark wool looks like in was unwashed wool, and I didn't need to use as much as I thought I would need!  I did 7
 baskets---yes 7!  I emptied all of the soil out of them clogged with roots and will use them to fill the potato bags, and used the potato bag dirt for the hanging baskets!

Later I will add gel and fertilzer, and add the pansies I will receive...
Viola x wittrockiana (perennial pansies) that will trail out of these nice baskets around the house, garage, and gameroom! 

I decided to use perennials, to make it simpler and not worry about planting twice a year....will see how they look! If nothing else grows, these will!  the dark wool blends well, don't you think?

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