Friday, 1 March 2013

The bane of my existence! Lionsbane :)

Ok, I couldnt resist.... I went to a plant store...only to go to the farmer's market.....and innocently enough I got a couple of plants I hadnt seen before....

I am always looking for shade tolerant plants....and found one.  In the UK, it may be considered a little weedy (in fact I believe the it is recently known as a weed)...but I see flowers in shady places!!!  It is also good for fillers with bulbs....and that sounded like a plus.

I tried using a share link to blogger from a site that describes it better.....first time for that!

I am happy....I  have seen some descriptions that it blooms spring to summer....we shall see...I have heard April to June...and quite hardy! 

Hope you have a little sunshine in your weekend!  On my sunshine list is also St. John's Wort (Hypericum)...its shade hardy too....very tempted....common, but so many varieties, and so nice when in bloom!

Ok, more seeds to plant this weekend, some to transplant....getting my raised beds covered so I can plant hardy lettuces...and snail proofem...oh, and get the hanging baskets ready using the wool I just got!

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