Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not being shut out by shade!

I haven't mentioned this before....but I am fighting the shady garden battle!  I refuse to let it win!  I do have some sunny spots...but I have lots of shady ones too.... The good news is that I dont need as much water!  I will discuss later all of the plants that exist in the garden that are good for shade, as well as the knowledge I've gained and the websites I have found... But for now...I am starting, inch by inch.  First, I have planted seeds for the tallest foxglove and lupines I can find.. foxglove white and foxglove excelsior, and Lupin (band of nobles mixed) These are for the back of the middle bed where I currently have Verbena Bonansiaris.  Nothing wrong with verbena, just need some more impact.  I have also started seed for ornamental cabbage (pink, white and green) for the winter.... I will winter out the lupin and foxglove in the outdoor mini-greenhouse so they will bloom next year (yea!)

My next big job is the shady raised bed in the back of the garden.  I hacked a mini-tree last weekend...removed most of the roots...and now am planning the bed (have to get the bed revitalized too).  I am planning on buying a sambucus nigra (black lace, etc) for the back to add color.  I already have heucheras in magenta in the front.  I am now deciding on whether or not to plant black currants on the sides and hydrangea in the middle (looking at vanilla fraiche?)...oh well..at least my thoughts are now on paper....off we go to work! (I think I may stop at the nursery at lunch) :)

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  1. I wish there was more share here at the Gardens at Waters East. Full sun is all there is here on the shore of Lake Michigan. I will say that makes for lots and lots of flowers, but there is something special to me about the quiet you find in shade. Miss that. Hope to visit again. jack