Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Seed Swap?

Me at the beach in the Early 80's
I am anxious to do a seed swap, but haven’t seen any good ones here, so I contacted a UK site, and may gather up the neighbours for a good swapping this autumn! 

It is a bit of effort, but it is fun! I dont have alot of seed this year from my garden, but can trade stuff I have bought as well…as you usually don’t need the full packet. I do have chives, nigella, salad burnet, and will have a few kinds of oregano, poppies, and nasturtium. The picture above is from my garden at the beach in Johnson's Bayou in Louisiana in the early 80’s…I can almost feel that sun on those zinnias!  I wouldnt try growing them here in the UK as they woul get mildewy and need lots o sun...

If anyone has any ideas about seed swapping or the best seed/cutting swaps please let me know!!!!

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