Friday, 15 July 2011

Sambucus Nigra Black Beauty or Black Lace?

So,  I went to the  Tendercare nursery after work today....and now that I have changed hats to see shrubbery in a new light (as I dont want to look at dirt during the winter when my perennials are sleeping!)...I am now looking at the beautiful but common elderberry.  But this is not just an ordinary elderberry..this is a beautiful black one....with pink flowers.  There is a great article showing two of the most popular...Black Beauty and Black Lace. As I love the lacy foliage I have seen on the Black lace...I think that will be my choice....I would like it in a semi shaded add some color.

Tendercare has convinced me to use them to take a look at my garden...and I realize it is prudent.  As I am such a plant collector..rather than a landscaper...but I cant kill plants (not intentionally, that is)...I need someone to assess the current garden (only been here a year) and give me advice...without doing the work or an actual plan.  So, I am making my list of desired plants...drawing up the info i have gathered on the sunlight on the garden during the day in the summer...and will get their advice on beating those shady areas...and making my cottage garden tropical jungle.....Tarzan, beware! -


  1. Thank you for visiting, I hope we can visit back and forth often !
    Now off to read more of your blog :)

  2. Black Lace definitely. It's so much more elegant.

    Mine is in the north west corner of my front garden and, after only 4 years has produced a really attractive shrub. There is one main upright stem which I'm planning to train as a small tree - its reached 8ft already. I'll need to be ruthless and remove all the side growths to achieve this but it should be well worth while.

    Alternatively it can be cut to ground level every year - but don't expect any flowers if you do that.

  3. I have the native Elder but always been tempted by Black Lace. This post has reignited the love. Looking forward to watching your garden develop

  4. This is a very attractive plant. Both, flowers and leaves are pretty!

  5. Have a Black Lace in the front entry garden. North exposure. Summer sun. Winter and early spring shade. Third year, 2 meters. I usually cut it back to the ground because of the weird branch angles, this year may be different. This is the first year the original lower leaves are drying and falling off. Could be due to our overwhelming 100 degree F heat. Give plenty of room, if near entry. zone 6a here.

  6. Hello, I was wondering if you would allow me use your Sambucus Black Lace pic for a video on pruning in TouTube. My channel is Gardening at Douentza. Please let me know.

  7. Not to worry, I found another picture. Thanks.