Sunday, 17 July 2011

Phabulous Plectranthus

Rather than just talking about my garden and my little projects, I thought I would start talking also about plants I love.... Some of them are like a dingy little pot you've had for years and take it with you wherever you move...worth nothing but you are attached to it for some reason, and use it more than all of your fancy stuff...  This is the way I feel about Plectranthus.  Unfortunately, it is not hardy in the UK, but thank goodness I can get a bit of it and can make cuttings overwinter to have it for the next year.  This year, it has not been prolific, but with full sun it does fantastically.  By the way, another very common form in the U.S. is called just plain ole' Swedish Ivy. It is a part of the mint family.  As many have scents, like scented geraniums...they are pest and animal resistant too! (no deer, rabbits, insects, etc to worry about!!)  And drought tolerant!!!

Plectranthus Verticillatus

Plectranthus is a succulent, and comes in many forms....I will share with you just a few I have had, what I have seen in the UK, and perhaps a few more.  I see so many at Wisely (RHS garden)....I only wish they would sell more of it...perhaps the writing of this article will prompt me to ask only need a little cutting :)

This is a good link with places you can buy plectranthus in the UK...(most centres have at least on at their garden center.

Plectranthus Argentatus

Plectranthus neochilus--This one is great ground cover is warm areas (drought tolerant)...but smells unfortunately like skunk (perhaps it will keep cats away?)...I loved it anyway...

From my garden in San Diego (2005)

How it looks in mass.

Plectranthus madagascariensis 'Variegated Mintleaf' 
This variegated plectrathus did so well in plantings in San Diego throughout my flower I use it here in pots

Plectranthus barbatus

This plectranthus grows up to 10 feet...mine in San Diego grew up to 6 feet....


Last note....these are great for hanging baskets in summer and can grow indoors on a windowsill.  Cuttings are so easy and will root in water so a great plant for sharing.  I hope you have enjoyed this article....Enjoy searching on this plant...and I hope I have convinced you to try it! Below I have attached a fun little video link.

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