Friday, 15 February 2013

Stupendous Stipa

Stupendous stipa (we called it pony tail:) ....its one of those plant I've had for years....through San Diego to the UK, but I dont talk about it much.  You know one of those things that is such a part of you, that you tend to ignore it, it becomes part of the fabric of your life, but you cannot live without it?  Sometimes that is just like friends and my Stipa!  I just remembered that I did not discover it came from a dear neighbour, Joan, who gave me a start after I saw it slowly blowing in the wind....a friend that I shared the beautiful views of our canyon in Mira Mesa (in San Diego).
Potty Men---Wisely Gardens
It looks great year soft...I like to run my fingers through its "hair" and collect the seeds each year....but I forget to promote it as much as I should!!  It is so hardy, so forgiving, and so wonderful....and great in pots.  I was reminded of this after I saw the Wisely picture on facebook with the "potty" men....I love those too...just havent mae them yet....and say the stipa!

Anyone that is interested in trying some yourself, let me know, and I am glad to share my slice of heaven! :)

Here's a little more information on them as I've not got scientific on it...yet! Perhaps that's the key to all good relationships...dont think too much! LOL!