Monday, 11 February 2013

Ok, no more seeds but....splurgerator..propagator!

I couldnt resist!  I havent had a propagator in almost 6 years...and decided to buy one ...where more perfect than the UK is there to have one (ok, Sweden)...I was thinking initially of peppers and helping them germinate...but then I realized that I could save quite a bit of time with plants by using this! Ill still grow somethings on the simple windowsill...but this should kick it up a notch.

I chose a Garland Super 7 for its length, its wattage compared to others...and although it had multiple domes unlike others....
  • Measures 76cm (30) x 18. 
  • Wattage 13 Watt carbon fibre element for even heat distribution.
  •  This unit is not thermostatically controlled and is designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8°C
  I started to like it more for that and how much I could utilize the space! I almost got the one below for a little bit cheaper...and it matched my kitchen accents :) but the wattage was lower, it was smaller, and I just didn't think I could utilize it as well. Multiple lids mean multiple chances to knock  them off :)...however they both seem pretty stury.

 Here is the other one above that I loved in looks!
  •  Stewart 67cm Electric Kitchen Garden Propagator Set - Lime,
  • Contains base tray, clear double vented lid, two premium seed trays, five 8cm pots and
  • a waterproof 12 watt heating mat
  • Measures 67cm long, 16cm Wide, 18cm High.
I debated from reading reviews of multiple tops versus single tops, but just gave up and agreed that you can have multiple ventilations (particularly handy if you get a moisture/fungus issue.

So, seeds watch out!! Now I have to plan my planting on sets of pots/ trays which is the next hurdle, as these will be growing so fast, right? :)

Here are some blogs about it!

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Ok, Mother I am not very environmentally friendly...but I can grow more stuff!!  Have a good week!

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