Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Reminiscing in San Diego..Sunny Pics!

I know its a bit much to take in at one time...but I didnt have the patience to save the pictures for multiple blogs...I have been looking for my pics of my little garden in the canyons of San Diego...and I found them!  Although I have loved gardening in the UK and have been here for five years..these pictures did stir my memories and love for succulents!!  I hope you enjoy too!

My little side shady little garden room :)

My little sitting area..heaven :)
My jasmine

My succulents and brugmansia

A view into the canyon

xeriscaping :)

Glorious Salvias!

Glorious South African Pelargoniums

Ivy leaf perlargoniums (geraniums) on the top deck


Perlargonium cordiflorum

Rose Scented

I love Plectranthus (like Wisely!)...this one however, smells exactly like skunk!

Butterfly weed... Asc. Tuberosa

Morning glory

Wonderful Aeoniums




Sweet Pea

Our Parrot Greenbean!


My wonderful Smokey!

California Poppies!!

The end!

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  1. Your garden in San Diego looks lovely! It was nice to look back :)